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Angela GabarielleGuest - Angela Gabrielle - Sunday 18th March 2018 - Angela lost her son Christopher at the age of 26. After a few months she was contacted by her son before going to sleep. He told her about the new earth, Mandela effect, Nibiru, Trump and the coming event! Are great changes coming our way? Talk about the 18th/19th of Mrch For The Energy Wave, Some People Saying The 21st Of March As This Is The Equinox, More Questions For Her Son, Angela Was A Targeted Individual, Black Helicopters, Moved House Various Times, Her Son Was A Skeptic, Did Not Believe In Meta-Psychics, Thought His Mother Was Just A Hippy With Hippy Friends, Also Mention Chemtrails.

Thomas Williams and Kim (Ms Manna)Guests - Thomas Williams and Kim (Ms Manna) - Sunday 11th March 2018 - Catholic Archbishop Says Paedophilia Is ‘Spiritual Encounter With God", Central Bank finds major issues with car prize draws at many credit unions, Apple owe Ireland 13bn in taxes but our Government is fighting Europe to not accept it, Evictions, Asset Grab by Banks, Selling off property as liquidity is required by the banks, Cody – Ex-CIA asset, interviewed on United We, - Pat Flanagan: 'Ireland is the most corrupt country in the Western world', vulture funds being let come into Ireland and destroyed people’s lives, Voting System In Ireland, The RV/NESARA, GESARA, St Germain trust, Give a country money and then asset stripe the country, John Perkins - confessions of an economic hitman.

David Gallup / Trevor EiversGuests - David Gallup / Trevor Eivers - Sunday 4th March 2018 - David specializes in promoting, implementing and educating about human rights, world citizenship and world law. Mr. Gallup is President of the World Service Authority®, Washington, DC, a global public service human rights organization founded in 1954. In addition to his role as President, he has served as General Counsel since 1992 and previously served as Vice-President from 1994 to 1998. Open Mind Confernece postponed for now but dates to be organised by Trevor and his team.

Vincent - Orgone UK / Tracey BolandGuests - Vincent - Orgone UK / Tracey Boland - Sunday 25th February 2018 - Orgone Pyramids and Pendants, Designed With specific frequencies, Crystals Used and various metals and gold shavings, Rife Frequencies for love, healing, happiness, Website down at the moment, Spiritual Background, Psychic abilities used to design and make Orgone products, A friend of Harry Rhodes, Andaras Crystals, Shungite, Tracey Boland Yoga teacher, Will be teaching yoga on the Saturday and Sunday morning at the open minds conference starting at 8pm, benefits of Yoga regarding posture.

Greg Caton / Bernadette BohanGuests - Greg Caton / Bernadette Bohan - Sunday 18th February 2018 - Greg Caton is an American herbalist, inventor, and manufacturer. His journey through this U.S. criminal justice system, He is the co-founder of Alpha Omega Labs ( and lives outside the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, with his wife, Cathryn. Bernadette Bohan is a cancer survivor (diagnosed with Breast Canser at the age of 33), she is a nutritionist/author and focuses on diet as one of the main causes of disease. The other main cause is your thoughts and focus on the positive. Boosting your immune system is just common sense if you want to improve your health and combat disease

Thomas Williams / Gerard BanksGuests - Thomas Williams / Gerard Banks - Sunday 11th February 2018 - Michael Vara could not make the show due to no internet access, Declaration made and given to the Whitehouse on Jan 27th by Miss Manna, All contracts with the crown are null and void, America the country is now sovereign, Guantanamo Bay, Raid on Langley Which didn't happen, Sub goes missing off the coast of Argentina, Rothschild selling off property, No access to funds or able to print money, Gerard Banks and Cork Integrative Health Community, wisdom of Ancient Ireland and the Druids, the teachings of the Ogham / Native Irish Alphabet, speaking at the Open Minds Conference.

Catherine costello & Patrick collins / Daniele La VéritéGuests - Catherine Costello & Patrick Collins / Danielle La Vérité - Sunday 4th February 2018 - Catherine is an ex-detective who worked for the Metropolian Police in London before moving back to Ireland, She got involved in missing people when she found out that the Irish police only started to keep a database of missing people in the year 2004. Before this time, there was no records of missing people, Sandra Collins went missing for 17 years, Family Still Looking for her, People Do Known What Happened, Danielle Speaking At The Open minds conference, Took Time Off From Social Media, Got Engaged, Life Changing Experiences.

Harry Rhodes / Mary GrahamGuests - Harry Rhodes / Mary Graham - Sunday 28th January 2018 - Harry Rhodes has been a Writer of Patents for 18 years, an inventor for 15 years and has been researching chemtrails for 6 years, gave a presentation at the chemtrail summit Vancouver USA with Terry Lawton and toured the whole west coast USA doing presentations of Etheric Translators, now have a worldwide team who work together, Etherically, healing the atmosphere, he was the very first activist to use satellite technology to prove and monitor chemtrail activity in the whole of Europe, the UK and Ireland, Mary Graham - Sound Therapy, Speaker At The Open Minds Conference, Frequency 432Hz, Vibrational Frequency For Healing.

Thomas Williams / Anthea FentonGuests - Thomas Williams / Anthea Fenton - Sunday 21st January 2018 - Challenging Thomas Williams Show, Request From Thomas Not To Know About The Questions Before The Show, Range Of Questions Sent In From Listeners, Anthea Fenton - For over 40 years Anthea have consciously been in the area of Caring for Others. After qualifying with a B.A. Hons in Social Work and Community Studies. Anthea became a practicing Social Worker in the 90's, Anthea knew continuous Personal and Professional Development was essential. Since 2000 Anthea has been working on her mission and purpose in life - Nurturing Seedlings To Reach Their Full Potential. she has wrote several books - Life After Stress, Anxiety and Depression ~ The Empowered Soul ~ The Myths of Men ~ The Journey of Innocence.

Walter Graham / Cian FoleyGuests - Walter Graham / Cian Foley - Sunday 14th January 2018 - Walter Graham is the Public Relations Information Officer for the group known as Councils of Northern Ireland Against Fluoridation. He is also involved in educating people about the dangers of wireless technology, Civil servants trying to get Fluoride back into the water supply, How to protect Your Home with Mesh covers and RF protection paint, Cian Foley will be a presenter at the Open Minds Conference and he will be chatting to us about his background and what he will be discussing at the conference, How The Body works Regarding Fat Retention, The Changes Cian Made In His Life, Blogs and Youtube Videos Available.

Miles Jonston & Tom RyanGuests - Miles Johnston / Tom Ryan - Sunday 7th January 2018 - Bases Conference in September 2017, Pirate Radio Station Background, Prometheus' black goo, otherwise known as Chemical A0-3959X.91, Falkland Islands, Trump Tidy Up With The Cabal, Peter Sunderland Dies At 71, Alien Spiders, You Cannot Photograph As They Are Not Made Up Of Photons, The Big "D" Disclosure, Energy Changes, Things Not Working, Tom Ryan is as an internationally renowned Master Hypnotherapist, lecturer and trainer. Based on 40 thousand hours of Clinical experience over more than 30 years Tom’s Dynamic Hypnotherapy incorporates many disciplines all distilled into a unique and dynamic new approach.

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