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Alan & Steve - Open MikeGuests - Alan & Steve - Open Mike - Sunday December 27th 2015 - Alan & Steve talk about the guests they had over the past year on the show plus phone calls from the listeners.

Katherine Albrecht / Danielle La VéritiéGuests - Katherine Albrecht / Danielle La Véritié - Sunday December 20th 2015 - Big Brother, Supermarket Tracking Your Purchases, Massive Database, Shopper Card, Google Is Tracking You And Building Up A Profile About You, Sharing Data With Doctors/Health Insurance Companies, Tracking The Type of Food You Eat Etc, Book - Spy Chips / I won't Take The Mark, RF ID, Involved With, Startmail - Email Encrypted Email System, Danielle's Video Exposing People, Originally Videos Done Out Of Frustration And Anger, Now Has Changed Her Approach, Focus On The Law Of Attraction, Manifesting And Being Positive, Energy Vampires, Not New Age, Studying Metaphysics, Practice Gratitude, Explaining Spiritually With Science.

Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen IIIGuest - Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III- Sunday December 13th 2015 - Indoctrinated From Birth and Born Into The Military Industrial Complex, Generics Mixed And Matched, MK Ultra Program, One Mother, Multiple Fathers, CERN, NanoTubes, A Portal, Reptilians,  Energy Hitting The Planet, Multiply Versions Of CERN, HAARP, Chemtrails, Nanobots, A.I., Black Goo, Smart Grid, Kingsman Movie, Take Over Your Brain, Transhumanization, Terminator, Skynet, Weather Control, Time Travel, Akashic Records.

Simon - The SpaniardGuest - Simon - The Spaniard - Sunday December 6th 2015 - Branch Manager In Banking, Worked for Coutts (The Queens Bank),  Left Banking and Went Into Mortgage Broking, Credit Crunch Wipe Him Out, Went Into Claims Management,  securitisation, statutory instruments, Mortgages, Income Tax, Do Not Consent, Ask Questions, Everything Is Assumed So Challenge Everything, Customer Grants The Mortgage, Debt Pledge, Cannot Get Terms & Conditions From The Bank Prior To Getting A Mortgage Out, Has Approached Banks For Terms But Turned down.

Stephen ManningGuest - Stephen Manning - Integrity Ireland - Sunday November 29th 2015 - Integrity Ireland, Exposing The Corruption In The Courts and By The Gardai, Had To Move House Twice Due to Intimidation, Two Thugs Sent To Hurt Him, Mistaken Identity And Got Someone Else,  Database Of Corrupt Officials Kept, Summons Made Against Various Officials, Joe Doocey, Physically Abused By The Gardai, Civil Case Issued Against A Man, He Was Connected To A Politician, Came Under Attack, 720 Individual Instances, Stephen Considered Joining The Gardai Reserve, Voted For Enda Kenny Thinking That He Would Make A Difference, Book "SOS Guide" Available On Amazon.

Mik, Ray & MartinGuests - Mik ( Ray & Martin (Peoples Internet Radio) / Ole Dammegard - Sunday November 22nd 2015 - Mik ( Ray & Martin ( / Ole Dammegard - Sunday 22nd 2015 - State Of Ireland At Present, Irish Homeless And The Government Bringing In Immigrants, Charity Does Begin At Home, Politicians With Self Interests And The Party Whip System, Manufactured Economy, Sheeple Mentality, Politicans Get Comfortable And Like The Lifestyle, Paris False Flag Attack, Drill Being Run At The Same Time, Problem Reaction Solution, Global Fake War Seems To Be Declared.

Dr Joseph ChiappaloneGuest - Dr Joseph Chiappalone - Sunday November 15th 2015 - End Times Prophecies, In The Last Twenty Years Has The World Got Better Or Worse?, Medical Doctor, Elites Tried To Kill Him 3 Times, Known Since The Age Of Two About What His Job Was On Earth, Entire Solar System Is Fracturing, Planet X, Second Sun Is Spotted Globally, Universe Being Destroyed, 95% Of The Universe has Disappeared, Viables, 8% Of The Planets Population, Confirmed With Pattie Brassard, Simon Parkes, Elites Will Not Survive In Their Underground Bunkers, The Negatives Are Getting More Negative And The Positives Are Getting More Positive.

Aidan Killian / Loreen Fraser-OwusuGuests - Aidan Killian / Loreen Fraser-Owusu - Sunday November 8th 2015 - Ex-Banker, Lost Property Due To The Crash, Turned To Comedy To Help His Public Speaking, Teaching Audiences About The System And How To Fight Back, Wrote A Book Call "Dear Plonker", Take The Red Pill Comedy Show, Debt Is An Illusion, Loreen Gave Alan David Icke's Book "The Biggest Secret" which Helped Alan Put Some Of The Jigsaw Pieces Together, Her Grandfather Helped Open Her Mind Growing Up In Ghana, Now On A Spiritual Path, Life Skills Trainer, Martial Artist, Mother.

Master Choy / Sage GuiaGuest - Master Choy / Sage Guia - Sunday 1st November 2015 - Rainbow T’ai-Chi Chi Kung Has Been Developed By Master Choy, Founder and Chief Instructor of the Rainbow T’ai-Chi-Chi Kung School and Chi for Self-Healing Centre, Studied T’ai-Chi Chi Kung With Grandaster Huang Sheng Shyang, learned T’ai-Chi Chi Kung with his father, Given Title Master Choy by Grandmaster Chen of Chen Village in China, 2012 Earth Energy Changes, Sage Guia - Vast Body Of Experience For Over 30+ years, Development Of Her many Gifts, She Wears Many Hats, Medical Intuitive Creative Healer, Medium, Channeler, Shamana, Wisdom Keeper, to physical and Spiritual Guide.

Raymond Whitehead - DDIGuest - Raymond Whitehead - Direct Democracy Ireland - Sunday 25th October 2015 - Got Involved In Direct Democracy When His Mother Wasn't Well, Ignored By Government Ministers, Came Across Direct Democracy While Living In Switzerland, 1937 Got Freedom From The British, Removed The DD Process From The Original Irish Constitution, Eamon DeValera, Politics Is A Club And We Are Not In It, Kept In The Dark, Incompetent Politicians Without Any Business Knowledge, We Are In A Democratic Dictatorship.

Dr Rima LaibowGuest - Dr. Rima Laibow M.D. - Sunday 18th October 2015 - Medical Doctor For Over 44 Year, Drug Free Treatments, Vaccines, gcMAF, Forced Vaccinations Going World Wide, Do Not Consent, Nagalase, Global Elites Want To Take Over, Sickest Generation Of People On The Planet, 64% of Kids On Meds, TPP, Autism, No Vaccines Are Safe, Look At The Real Science, Do Not Get Tetanus, Childhood Diseases Increased When Vaccines Were Introduced, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Cancer Industry Is Money Making, Pink Ribbon Is A Controlled By Pharma.

TolecGuest - Tolec - Sunday 11th October 2015 - Human Representative Of The Andromeda Council - Guest - Tolec is a human representative of the Andromeda Council, God Creator, Source, Plant X, Financial System Collapse, Energy Wave Hitting The Planet, 400,000 Galaxies Via Hubble Telescope, Other Humanoid Species, Exoplanets, Currently Helping Out The Planet, 12 Senior Members From Different Star Systems, THey Will Not Help Human on Human Issues, We Need To Sort This Out Ourselves, Disable Nukes, Higher Dimensional Shift To Take Place, Non-waring.

Pattie BrassardGuest - Pattie Brassard - Sunday 4th October 2015- Nasa Whistleblower, Served In The Military, Irish Race, Plant X, Blue Star Kachina, Sun Is Not Real, Portal, Archons, Drachos, Bush Family, Queen Of England, Clan Mother, Irish Government Is Not Real, All Corporations, Obama, Putin, Nukes Disabled, Weather Conditions, HAARP, Chemtrails, DUMBS - Underground Bases, Nibiru, Council Of 12, G20 Countries, Consciousness Level Rising, Gaia, Mother Earth, Eden, Elite Getting Desperate, Their Plans Have Failed, Kingsman Movie, Wave X, Schumann Resonances Changed.

Will BerlinghofGuest - Will Berlinghof - Sunday 27th September 2015 - Guest - Will Berlinghof - Gifted Individual, Deep Multi-Dimensional Levels, Experience In Traditional Counseling, BA Degree in Psychology, Training in Addiction Counseling, Voice of Cosmic Awareness, Cosmic Awareness is the Force of Consciousness, Spoke Through Edgar Cayce, Jesus And Buddha. World Going Through Critical Transformative Times, Inner Journey Of Self-Discovery And Self Healing, CERN, Planet X, Rising Of Consciousness On The 28th, Chemtrails, Focusing On A Timeline That You Want To Happen, Energies Hitting The Planet, Schumann frequency Has Doubled.

Stephanie Relfe/Karen Quinn TostadoGuests - Stephanie Relfe / Karen Quinn Tostado - Sunday 20th September 2015 - Stephanie Relfe from Australia Original Mars Whistleblowers, Published The Mars Records in 2000, Stephanie helped Her Husband Michael To Recover Hidden Memories With A Biofeedback Meter, Without Hypnosis, Hollywood Movies With Aliens Eating People, Irish People Have High Metaphysical Abilities, Need Your Consent, Super Shemitah, Blood Red Moons, 23rd Of September Might Be A False Flag Event, United We Strike Marathon, Manufactured Fires In California, Wave-X.   

Alison from the Burn Doctors / Garnet SchulhauserGuests - Alison - Fire Burn Doctors / Garnet Schulhauser (Spirit Guide) - Sunday 13th September 2015 - Alison Met The founder of 11 years ago, Became A Student Of His Work, Witnessed Medically Impossible Results On Hundreds Of People, Helping To get This Out To The World, FREE Service (and always will be), Eradicating Needless Suffering, DSNB (Distant Subliminal Neuro - Bypassing), Ancient American/Hyperborean traditions (Celtic and Native American). Garnet Is A Retired Lawyer, Author, 3 x Books, His Life Changed Dramatically In 2007, Confronted on The Street By A Homeless Man Named Albert (who was actually  a wise spirit in disguise—an emissary from the spirit world), Launched A Provocative Dialogue With Albert Who Disclosed Startling New Truths About All Of Life’s Big Questions, Including Our True Nature As Eternal Souls, The Cycle Of Reincarnation On Earth, How We Create Our Own Reality Through Free-will Choices.

Simon AtkinsGuest - Dr. Simon Atkins - Sunday 6th September 2015 - Climate Risk Economist, Planetary Threat Forecaster, Solar Expert, Energy Medicine Doctor, Author Skyaia®, Wave-X Prediction, Energy hitting The Planet, CERN, Predictions For The Month Of September, Immigrants, The Master Plan, People Feeling Tired, Headaches, Diet Changes, Not Sleeping, Critical Junction At The Moment, NDE in 2009, Use Our Hearts To Communicate, Duality, Planet X, Brainwashed, Use Discernment, Future Events, Hologram, Evolution Changing In The Next Few Months, Weird Sounds Globally.

Marc ImpeyGuest - Marc Impey - Sunday 30th August 2015 - Personal Development, Tuning Into Spirit, Protection, Spiritual Churches/Centres, Helping People, The Difference Between A Psychic And A Spiritual Medium, Proof That Their Is Life After Death, Healing, Mark Had A Hard Life, Spirits Trying To Get Your Attention At Times In Your House, Could Be A Family Member That Just Passed, We Fear What We Don't Understand, Have A Reading, Evidence, Not New Age, Third Eye, Fluoride Calcifying The Pineal Gland, Keith Barry, Darren Brown, Sitting In A Development Circle.

Scott Tips - Karen McDonald / Dr. Tony MinervinoGuests - Scott Tips / Karen McDonald & Dr. Tony Minervino - Sunday 23rd August 2015 - President Of The National Health Federation, NGO, Fracking, Drought In California, Irish Water, Water Rights, Growth Hormones In Cattle, Water Resource Not Able To Sustain Immigrants, Letting In Too Many People, Preserve Culture, GMO's, Infertile, Codex, Poisons In Food, The Dangers Of Wireless, Fluoridation Irish Water, Ractopamine, Junk Science, Depopulation, Wave-X, Things Happening In September/October, Pole Shift, Other Planets Being Seen, Pillars Of Light Been Seen Around The World, Prophecies, The Best Time, Blood Moon, High Vibration, Prepping, Dramatic Changes Taking Place, Planet X, What Do You Believe To Be True?   

Karen McDonald / Dr. Tony MinervinoGuests - Karen McDonald / Dr. Tony Minervino - Sunday 16th August 2015 - Karen Is Known As A Clan-mother To All Around Her, Teacher, Healer, Dr. Tony is a Chiropractor, Light Body Healer, Teacher and Transformational Technologist, Consciousness Is The State Or Quality Of Awareness, Change Your Thinking, Projection Of Consciousness, The Mind Creates Your Reality, CERN, Plant X, Niribu, Queen's Bench, Kids disappeared In Canada When The Royals Visited In The 1960's, Universal Source Energy, Tour With Dr Tony, Simple To Make Change, Feelings Are Your Sixth Sense, Emotions Are Energy In Motion.

Chris SpiveyGuest - Chris Spivery - Sunday 9th August 2015 - Government Hoaxes & False flags - Falsely Arrested, No Warrants, Chris Said They Set Him Up With Child Porn On His PC, These Pictures Then mysteriously Disappeared, Wrote For The Sovereign Independent, Has To Be Careful What He Speaks About, Under Order From The UK Courts, Found Guilty Of Harassment, Human Rights violated, Arrested Under PACE, Tunisia False Flag, Bail Conditions, Searched His House, No Consent Ignored, CID Involved, Made A Complaint, Social Services Got Involved, Nothing To Do With Them.

James O'Sullivan / Aingeal Rose & AhonuGuest - James O'Sullivan / Aingeal Rose & Ahonu - Sunday 2nd August 2015 - James Unlawfully Arrested, Locked Him Up, Did Not Drop Him Home As Agreed, Gardai Bullying, Corrupt Irish Courts, You Do Not Have To Give Your Details Unless A Crime Has Been Committed, Private Prosecution Taken Out Against The Gardai, Aingeal Rose and Ahonu are a Twin Flame couple, Provide transformative information and spiritual guidance For An Awakening World, Read Akashic Records, Workshops, Private And Business Consulting, Expertise In The Metaphysical Field, Soul Journey, Karma, Planet X, Energy.

Leo ZagamiGuest - Leo Lyon Zagami - Sunday 26th July 2015 - Author, Researcher, Ex-Illuminati - Left In 2006, 14 Books, New Book - Pope Francis, The Last Pope?, Related To The Queen, Website Hijacked, Has His Own Positive Order, Pope In America In September, Asteroid Might Be Coming In, Corruption In The Vatican, Jesuit Order In Control, Vatican Telescope, Book Published Volume 4 on ET's, Esoteric Roots, Extra Dimensional Beings, Channeled At Roswell, Plant X - Wave Or Planet?, CERN, Stargates, Nephilim, Bloodlines, Elites, CFR, Rothchilds.

Dr Michael SallaGuest - Dr. Michael Salla - Sunday 19th July 2015 - - Exopolitics/Extraterrestrial Life - Pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, Study Extraterrestrial Life, Internationally Recognized Scholar in International Politics, Conflict Resolution And US foreign policy, Ph.D, M.A., Project Blue Beam, New Planets and Solar Systems Found, De-senitising Us Regarding Alien Information, MSM Playing A Role, Hollywood, NWO Plans, Advanced Technology Years Ahead Of What We Have, Politics Different to Exoploitics, ET Life, Free Energy, Secret Space Programs, Van Allen Belt.

Max IganGuest - Max Igan - Sunday 12th July 2015 - From New South Wales, Australian Max Igan Runs The Website, Covers A Vast Array Of Different Topics Spanning From Government Corruption To The Mysteries Of Our Ancient Past, He Is A Musician, Artist, Currently In Peru, Film Maker, Own Radio Show, Lecturer, Global Communication, Power To Change Things, End Times Madness, Psychopaths Running The Planet, We Have Forgot Who We Are, Taxes Used To Support Wars, Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Project - Full Circle Project, Local Action Groups, Root Cause Of The Problem.

Kate Curtis & Chris CoverdaleGuests - Kate Curtis - Healer / Chris Coverdale - Sunday 5th July 2015 - Tax Is Illegal - KATE Curtis Working As Healer Since She Was 18 years old, Trained As A Nurse And Midwife, Later Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Chigong, Reiki, Herbalism, Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork, Visited James Gilliland's Ranch, Chris Describes Himself As A Peace Activist, War Law Lawyer And Memetic Engineer, Tax Is Illegal, Nearly Went To Jail This Week, Tax Is Voluntary In Ireland & UK.

DAvid Wilcock & Corey GoodGuests - Corey Goode & David Wilcock - Sunday 28th June 2015 - Blackops World, Roswell Really Happened, Craft Technology, ET's looked Like Humans, Anti-Gravity Crafts, They Have Been Out In The Solar System, SSP, ICC, Major Military Defense Contractors, 900 Different ET's, Trade Setup Between Them, Money Stolen From The People, Awakening Process, Blue Avian Race, Secret Space Program, illuminati Criminals, False Flags, Energetic Waves Coming In, High Vibration Hitting The Planet, End Times Madness, People Being Triggered, Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better, Giant Spires Came Into Our Solar System, NASA Feed, 2012, Solar Warden, Financial System Collapse, Prime Directive, We Need To Create The Change.

Joanne CremerGuests - Joanne Cremer - Sky Anomalies / Richard Cumbers - Pain Genie

Irene & DavidGuests - Kaaren Morris (Time Banking UK) / James Miller - Gerry Duddy (Public Banking Forum of Ireland) - Time Banking Growing In The UK, Community Need For This, Online Website, Broker, Tracking Credits, Rules And Regulations, Insurance, Checking Skills Of Members Online, Decide What You Want To Offer, Handbook Guide - Code Of Conduct, Derivatives Market About To Implode, Based On The Sparkassen Public Savings Bank Model In Germany, Currently Speaking to Politicians Requesting Funding, First Heard About It From Max Keiser.

Irene & DavidGuests - John Flathery (Addiction) / Anthony Hughes (Health Practitioner) Sunday 7th June 2015 - Addicted To Power, Politicians, Step Back And View Life, Control System Is Speeding Up, Puppets Being Controlled, Repressed History, Victim mentality, Helpless, Take Advantage, Anthony Uses The Pain Genie, Polution and Poisons In The Environment And In Our Bodies, Some Cloths Contain Chemicals That Are Bad For You, Testing Bio-Feedback Techniques, Remedy, Why Are People Sick?, Systems Of Trouble, Trained In Natural Medicine, What Causes The Systems?

Irene & DavidGuest - Alan Lawes - National Citizens Movement - Sunday 31st May 2015 - Peoples Debate, Unions, Carlow/Kilkenny Bi-Elections, Elizabeth Hourihane, Protests, Fox News, Denise O'Brien, Donated To the Clintons, Haiti Earthquake, Big Support for Catherine Murphy, Dail Privileges Used, Asset Stripped, Rupert Murdoch, Dog Eat Dog In The Corporate World, Parties Out Of Touch, Interest Rates May Go Up, Homeless Man Dies In Dublin, Gardai No Car To Cover Area.

Irene & DavidGuests - Richard Cumber (Health Partitioner) Ben Gilroy - DDI (Sunday 17th May 2015) - A motivational speaker, trainer and health practitioner, Richard lived in the Middle East from the age of 13 and worked there and In Asia before returning to the UK, Pain Genie - Scenar Therapy, Designed By The Russian Space Program, Fibromyalgia, Avoid hip replacement in the near future Using Pain Genie, People's Debate - Vincent Brown, Headfort Arms, Kells, Co. Meath, TD's Not Understanding The People, Party Supporters Not Understanding The Whip System, Generational Support For Government Parties.

Irene & DavidGuests - Gary, Detlev & JP (Sunday 10th of May ) - Guests - Detlev (Wake News Radio), JayPee (Wolf Spirit Radio), Gary (Wide Awake News) - Detlev Arrested For 3 Days, Stripped Searched, Not A Person, I'm A Human, Filed Damage Claims, 60km To Prison, Needed 12 People, Damages Of 220 Million Euros, Project Blue Beam, Jade Helm 15, Fed Moves, DHS, NORAD is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain because it is “EMP-hardened, A.I. Software, Scare Tatics, Insurance Scam, Gold, Nazi Time Travel, The Bell, Rothchild, Population Reduction, CERN,, Jade Helm Psyop.

Irene & DavidGuest - Emily Cragg (Sunday 3rd of May ) - We apologise for the intermittent quality of the sound. This was beyond our control. The author, Emily Windsor-Cragg was adopted out of the Royal bloodline into the Garment Industry, so trust relationships and survival skills viewed as important, Good To Hoard In The Down-Turning Economy, Planet X, Flat Earth Theory, Could Hear The Thoughts Of Others, Remote Viewing, Met Yahweh In Her Mind, Media Telling Lies, Worked For Xerox, Light Matter, Dark Matter, Nancy Leader,, Wormwood, Double Suns, Torres, Like A Doughnut.

Irene & DavidGuest - James Gilliland (Sunday 26th of April) - ECETI Ranch, Author, Minister, Robbie Williams and Danny Dyer Visited The ECETI Ranch, NDE Experience, Closed Walmart Stores, Target Stores, Jade Helm 15, Von Braun's Predictions, RT - Scientists Expected Anytime On US West Coast, Affects Of Chemtrails, Scare Tactics, XFiles Returns, White Hats Delaying the NWO's schedule, Shadow Government, RTS Method, People Are Waking Up, Whistleblowers, Failed Nuke In Carolina, WW3, Inside Job, Energy Changes, False Flag.

Irene & DavidGuests - Irene & David - Sovereignty (Sunday 19th of April) - President and Director aka Sovereign ©Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst-Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™, As an SSG Justice Amicus, working with the true hereditary leaders on Sentient Earth, worked as a legal secretary, legal assistant, paralegal in all types of laws; corporate, securities, Probate, Divorce, Admiralty/Maritime, First Nations, Wills and Estates, Separation, Custody, Criminal, Litigation, Insurance, Foreclosures, Banking, Contract laws, Mergers and Acquisitions, Copyright Trademark, Letters Patent, etc. worked with lawyers to obtain a fair settlement for my divorce and witnessed firsthand how Canada’s legal system really works. From 2002 to 2014, she self litigated all my court matters and ‘abandoned’ all STATE CANADA government identification to leave a Jesuit Freemason controlled tax and usury system because I Am sovereign, NOT A TAX slave! Batering System, Squamish Government, 7 Million Population, Government's Do Not Own Anything.

Kevin TodeschiGuest - Kevin Todeschi (Sunday 12th of April) - Guest - Kevin J. Todeschi - Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. ( and Atlantic University (, responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Edgar Cayce organizations. As both student and teacher of the Cayce material for thirty-five years, Edgar Did Remote Readings (mainly health), Edgar Wanted To Build a Hospital Which Was Build In Virginia Beach, The Hospital Is Still Carry On His Work, We All Have The Ability To Improve Our Own Health, An Alkaline body is better Than An Acid Based Body, We Have Reincarnated, We Are Spiritual Beings Have A Human Experience.

Stan DeyoGuest - Stan Deyo (Sunday 5th of April) Guest - Stan Deyo - Held Above Top Secret Security Clearance, Worked undercover for the FBI, Part of an exclusive "black project", Headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology", Global Climate Change, Nostradamus And Anti-Christ Prediction, Arc Of The Covenant, Qumran region of Israel, Biblical Prophecy, Sink Wholes, Flooding, Active Volcano's, Tsunami's, Chemtrails, The Sun Is Part Of The Cause Of The Changes, Planet Is Expanding, Hopi Indians Getting Ready, Water Drought In California, Jade Helm 15, Moon  Ringing.

l joseph chiappaloneGuest - John Flaherty (Sunday 29th of March)- Guest John Flaherty - 6 Years Studying Theology, Philosophy, Scripture And Ethics, Served 11 years As A Catholic Priest, John Appointed Client Services Manager For The Care Of Those Presenting With HIV/AIDS, John established The First Inner City Drug And Alcohol Community-Based Counselling Service For Families Of Those In Addiction, Trained As  Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer of Energy Psychology, Documents Locked Up For 75 Years On Child Abuse, Addiction To Power. NLP Progranmming (Gardai).

l joseph chiappaloneGuest - Dr Joseph Chiappalone (Sunday 22nd of March)- In The Last 20 Years, Has Your Life And The World Got Better Or Worse?, 1985 Came Out To Tell The World, Humans Are Class 4, Will All Be Dead And Planet Will Be Destroyed, Less Than Two Years To Go, The Physical Dimension Is An Illusion, Most People Will Be Terminated, Terminal Madness At The End Times, Robots And Demons, The System Is Dying, Transmutation, Meteor Strike This Year around (September/November), 500 Days To Avoid Climate Chaos, Planet X, Marshall Masters.

Gary HeseltineGuest - Gary Heseltine (Sunday 15th of March) - Gary Heseltine - Ex-Detective Constable, Runs The UFO UK PRUFO Police Website, Increase In Photos/Videos Of Sightings, They Are Intelligently Controlled, Craft Formations, Disclosure, Congressional Hearing, steve bassett, John Podesta, Simon Sharman - Cosmic Whistleblowers, UFO Truth Magazine, Rendlesham Forest Incident, Government Agreed To Pay Out, New Information Coming Out All At The Same Time, CREN Starting Up, Roswell, Obama Not Exposing Things, 9/11 and Moon Landing, Black Vault.

Paul Murphy TDGuest - Paul Murphy TD (Sunday 8th of March) - Anti Austerity Alliance, Socialist Party, Arrested By The Gardai, Jobstown, Joan Bruton Visited, Water Balloon Thrown, The Government Lies, Disconnected From The People, Political Policing, False Imprisonment, RTE Interview, No Clapping, The Hippocracy Of The Government, Phil Hogan, Irish Water, The Elites Are Scared, Anger From The People, People Power, We Need To Focus On The Issues In Society.

National Citizens MovementGuests - National Citizens Movement Roundtable - Alan, Dermot, Liz & Jamie (Sunday 1st of March) - Started out As A People Movement, Over 25,000 Facebook Likes, Peaceful Assembly At Trim Castle Hotel, Irish TD Ray Butler (Fine Gael) Hit A Protester In His Car And Drove Off, Enda Kenny's Salary, Water Meters, Meter Fairies, Setup On The 9th Of August, Parties Came Together, Taken Out The Meters, Meters Unsafe, Mayo Gas Protests, People Failed To Engage, Find Local Support Group And Join Them, Challenge To The Court, Summons Installation, Vigil Outside Ray Butler's House, Media Supported Ray Butler Not Fiona, 7,000 child Images Found And Walked Free.

Keith McCloskeyGuest - Keith McCloskey (Sunday 22nd of February) - Keith is an author and an expert on the Dyatlov incident in Russia, an event that resulted in the death of nine skiers north of the Ural Mountains on the night of February 2, 1959. The incident happened on the eastern side of Kholat Syakhl, whose name in Mansi means "Mountain of the Dead." No body knows to this day, how they died?

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