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Annual ReviewAlan & Steve - Annual Review 2016 - Sunday 18th December 2016 -

Thomas WilliamsGuest - Thomas Williams - Truth, Honour & Integrity Show - Sunday 11th December 2016 - The New Plan To Attack The Alternative Media Is "Fake News", 75% Of The Alternative Media Is Controlled Opposition, Guests On OYM Radio Who Maybe Cabal, CIA Coined The Term Conspiracy Theorist, Real News Is Out In The Open, So Much Being Revealed Now, Process The Information That Is Coming Out, The World Is Ending Propaganda, The Cabal Are On The Defensive Now, We Are Winning, Divide And Conquer Used Globally, Two Worlds, The Real World And The Matrix, Social Services, Abuse Of The Elderly, School Educational System, Move Away From Fear.

Pat Greene - DDIGuest - Pat Greene - Direct Democracy Ireland - Sunday 4th December 2016 - Anthony O'Connor Could Not Make The Show Due To Him Not Being Well, Pat Greene Leader Of Direct Democracy Ireland, The Party Is Very Quiet At The Moment Due To Everyone Busy Working, 22 Candidates At Present, Would Prefer To Be Called A Movement, People Control Rather Than Government Control, Nepotism In Government And The State, The Party Tell the Leader What To Do Rather Than The Leader/Party Whip System Telling The Party What To Do, Website Problems, Understanding Local Politics, Parties Working Together Even Though They Are Against Each Other In The Public.

Richard Sauder / Tony GoslingGuests - Richard Sauder / Tony Gosling - Sunday 27th November 2016 - Richard's Interests Include are underground and underwater bases and tunnels, electronic mind control, Freedom Technology, UFOs, human prehistory and remote antiquity, International politics, the Kundalini energy, South American shamanism and alternative thought patterns, Climate Change, Tony Gosling, Worked for the BBC, Changes To the media, Being Controlled By a small number of people, BREXIT, Does a show on Bristol Community FM, Fake News, Fake Websites, Click Bait, People are waking up, there was better news reporting in the 80's/early 90's.

James Evan PilatoGuest - James Evan Pilato - Sunday 20th November 2016 - Media, Works With James Corbett, Show - New World Next Week, World In The Main Stream Radio Arena, Trump/Hilary Election Or Selection, James Lives In Portland Oregon, Protests Going On, Voting Machines Rigged to Vote For Hilary Even If Trump Was Selected, Paid Protesters, George Soros And His Move On Group Funded By Him, Cabal Controls Both Sides Of The Election, 47% Of Americans Didn't Vote, Have They Woken Up, The Purple Revolution, Trump Is A Business Man And Does Not Have The BS Training Of A Politician, Banned Lobby For 5 years After Leaving Washington.    

Martina Doyle & Ken SmollenGuests - Martina Doyle & Ken Smollen - Sunday 13th November 2016 - Back From A Two Week Break, Ken And Martina (IDP Party/The Hub) Involved In Helping People Deal With The Banks, Rates Abolished In 1977, Rateable Value Should Not Be Used In Court, Court Does Not Have Jurisdiction For Repossessing A Family Home Under Rateable Value, All Orders Void, New Courts Bill, Ken Smollen - Irish Democratic Party, Representative Democracy, Ken Is A Regular Visitor To The Eviction Courts, 585 Families Up In Court This Week, Fear, Stress, Suicidal, People Have to Lose The Fear, People Not Eating Or Living On Limited Food, Destressed Mortgages.

James GillilandGuest - James Gilliland - Sunday 23rd October 2016 - ECETI Ranch, Loads Of Changes Taking Place, 78 Acre Ranch, UFO Activity, Ships Coming Out Of Caves, Filming And Documenting, Ships Powering Up, Chip Coffey, Planet X, Pole Shift, Kodi Software, American Election Dividing People, Project Blue Beam, False Flags, Nukes Being Disabled, Disclosure, Government Will Not Come Out And Tell The Truth, Whistle blowers, Factions Fighting Each Other, UFO Crash In Ireland, New Currency Planned, Bankers Being Replaced, Armageddon - The Year Of The Uncovering, Websites Down During The Week, chemtrails.

Cara St Louis FarrellyGuest - Cara St Louis Farrelly - Sunday 16th October 2016 - Cara St. Louis is a Writer, Teacher, Activist And Speaker, Vaccinations, BCG, HSE To Stop Giving It Out, UK Clamping Down On CBD Products, Trump Exposing The Elites (Youtube Video), Tribes And Pipeline Issues, USA Requires 72 Vaccines For Children Before The Age Of 12, Big Pharma, Medical Industry, Social Services In The States Will Remove An Infant If You Do Not Comply, Medically Injured Children, Controlled Opposition, Hillary And Trump Working Together, A Lot Of Psychopaths Around, O'Bama Aiming For A Third Term, WW3 Maybe?, Space Weather Warning From U.S. Government.

Patti Brassard & Karen McDonaldGuests - Patti Brassard & Karen McDonald - Sunday 9th October 2016 - Belfast UFO Story, Group Conference Call, Original Information Came From Secure Team On Youtube, Patti And Karen Analysed The Information, Patti Got Images Of Crafts, Sky Cams Went Down, Info Also On Dabh007 Youtube, Picture Looks Like Newtownards Road, Belfast, Project Blue Beam, Hurricane Matthew Is False, Propaganda, People Shipped Off To Fema Camps, War Going On In Space, More Debris Falling From Space, Thousands Of Ships, Blood Group, RH Negative, Battle Of Los Angeles 1942, Williams Tomkins, Top Clearance, Antarctica,swabia land, Admiral Bird.

Dr Guy McPhersonGuest - Dr. Guy McPherson - Sunday 2nd October 2016 - Human Extinction, Climate Change, We Are Beyond The Stage Where We Can Make A Difference, Carbon Monoxide Levels, Chemtrails, Food Is Not Food, Resources On The Planet Are Finite, The Food Is Not Food, Processed Food, Planet Warming Up, Radiation Level Increasing,  Fukushima, We Cannot Keep Stripe Mining The Planet, There Is A Limit To Resources, Al Gore, French Foreign Minister Announcement, Industrialist Know What They Are Doing To The Planet, Kicking The Ball Down The Road, Steve Wozniak Move To Tazmania.

Alexandra MeadorsGuest - Alexandra Meadors - Sunday 25th September 2016 - Galactic Connection, Positive Intel, Time Lines, Money Given To Humanitarian Based Projects, At The Crossroads, Needs To Be Super Anal About How Things Unfold As We Do Not Want To Do This Again, Loads Of Support From Higher Beings, 5 Year Window 2013 to 2017, We Are Receiving Assistance, Divine Plan, Supported By Positive Energy, Challenges Presented To Us, Finding Your Path, Blockages Removed, Meditation, Focus On Positive Manifestation, The Power Of The Mind Regarding Healing, Waves Of Energy Coming In.   

Kate & Marcus / Paddy DolanGuests - Kate & Marcus / Paddy Dolan - Sunday 18th September 2016 - Kate & Marcus - Healing with Hemp / Paddy Dolan - Anti-WindFarm Group - Hemp Juice/CBDa Which Turns Into CBD, Du Point Family Paid To Have Hemp Criminalized, Hemp Juice Is A Food, They Are Licenced By The Irish Government, endocannabinoid system (ECS), Juicing, Windfarms Companies Are Working Like The Builders Did In The Early 2000's, Setup A Shell Company And Build The Windfarms - Flip Them For A Profit And Walk Away, Energy Generated Going To The UK, Low Frequency Will Effect People And Animals.

Thomas WilliamsGuest - Thomas Williams - Sunday 11th September 2016 - Thomas Williams - Truth, Honour and Integrity Show, UPU (ET's) Could Not Make The Show Due To Other Commitments, Always Us Discernment, Best To Sit On The Fence As There Is So Much Contradictory Information, Continue To Wake People Up, 2012, Helping People On A Regular Basis, Anniversary of September 11th - Twin Towers, More Information Coming Out In The Main Stream Media, Things Have to Be Phased In, Slavery Suit, Water Protest March, Take Your Power Back, Non-Compliance, If It's Not On TV It Didn't Happen. 

Dr Diane Corcoran /Stephen ManningGuests - Dr. Diane Corcoran / Stephen Manning (Integrity Ireland) - Sunday 4th September 2016 - Dr. Diane Corcoran works with people who had Near Death experiences, health care issue, Near Death Experiences in children NDE issues in the military, Grief and bereavement, Management Issues, People See Their Spirit Guides, Family Members, You Judge Yourself, When People come Back They Become More Service to Others, Change Their Life By Being Less Materialistic, Selfish, Atheist And Non-Believeables Change When They Come Back, Karma Is Real, People Have Seen Themselves Being Operated On, Energy Changes Form, Energy Cannot Be Distroyed Or Created, Energy Just Is, Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Music, It's Not A Brian Malfunction Or A Lack Of Oxygen, Astral Travel.

David ScottGuest - David Scott - Northern Exposure - Sunday 28th August 2016 - David is a Journalist with Northern Exposure, a citizen journalist collective in Scotland looking at official wrong-doing lies and abuse. He Corresponds with UK Column principally covering events in Scotland and Israel and matters relating to economics, Brian and Janice Docherty, Approached By A Paedophile And Offer 25K For Access To Their Son, Contacted The Authorities, Hollie Greig Case, Scotland, Irish Gardai and Authorities Involved, They Tried To Poison Brian And Janice, Broadcasts On UK Column, Lack Of Money.  

Thomas WilliamsGuest - Thomas Williams - Sunday 21st August 2016 - Thomas Williams - Truth, Honour and Integrity Show, The Elites And The "Juice" They Drink, This Has Been Contaminated, Elites Will Be Dying Off, Global Celebration, Super Soldiers, They Don't Like That Name, Energy Changes, People And Animals Feeling It, Stop Playing Their Game, They Like Service To Self, We Need To Change To Service To Others, Service To Self Is About Slavery, Hilary May Not Survive Till November, Trump Is A Puppet, The Agency Type People Look For Your Achilles' heel, Abilities, Average IQ in America is 89, More And More Elites Being Exposed, Even Mainstream Media Reporting Things.

Cara St Louis Farrelly / John LernihanGuests - Cara St Louis Farrelly / John Lernihan - Sunday 14th August 2016 Cara St. Louis is a writer, teacher, activist and speaker hailing from the American Southwest, Government Taking Kids Off Families, Social Services, AI, Chemtrails, Black Chemtrails, GWEN Towers - Kingsman Movie, Demonic Aspect Of Chemtrails, Social Engineering, Attack On The Population, Madness On Planet Earth, Problem, Reaction, Solution, Irish Drivers Association, Gardai Have To Follow Due Process, Car Tax, European Law, Treaty Of Rome, VRT Tax Illegal, Free NCT Tests Due To Contract, Challenge The System.

zf simon spaniardGuests - Simon (Spaniard) And Mark - Sunday 7th August 2016 - Simon is an Ex-bank manager who worked for the Queen's bank, Coutts. Mark is Into Health And Healthy Eating. He has setup the "White Rabbit Trust" educating people about the law. He has uploaded a number of Youtube videos which are very entertaining and educational at the same time,  Researched Money, Mark Approaches Things From The Natural Health Side, Mum Had A Bad Hip Op, Wrongly Trusted The System, Hasn't Seen A Doctor For 40 Years, Self Healing, Corrupt, Statins Are Bad For You, soylent green Movie, GMO's, Food is Not Food.

Maureen McGrathGuest - Maureen McGrath/You're Not Alone Charity - Sunday 31st July 2016 - Maureen McGrath award-winning broadcaster, hosts Sunday Night Sex Show on News Talk 980 CKNW in Vancouver, BC Canada, author of the book, Sex & Health: Why One Can’t Come Without The Other, a sought after speaker, TEDx talk this year, a registered nurse in private practice in Vancouver, BC, Sex and Money being the two things that affect most relationships, UK Survey about couples – 100 women 100 men, Givers and Takers, tolerance level, Waking Up in a relationship, Energy in a relationship, It’s not about the sex, it’s about being wanted/fancied – sex is a bi-product, The teenage mind and not moving on to an adult mind – Personality vs mentality? You're Not alone Charity Interviews, Dame St, Dublin, Every Friday and sunday, Require cloths and Food, Food vouchers, Volunteers Who don't get paid.

Randy MaugansGuest - Randy Maugans - Sunday 24th July 2016 - Mandela Effect, Energies Hitting The Planet, Dolores Cannon, Second Planet, In 'Journey of Souls' and Destiny Of Souls, hypnotherapist Michael Newton, CIA/CERN?, WW3, Alternative Media, Spiritual Community, New Age Thinking, Hilary As President, The Cabal, Project Blue Beam, The 5 Factions, Zombie Virus, Financial System Collapse, Being A Prepper, Have Supplies Ready, EMP, Power Down, Not Real Food.

Cynthia Sue LarsonGuest - Cynthia Sue Larson - Sunday 17th July 2016 - Mandela Effect, Queen Song - We Are The Champions, Energies Hitting The Planet, DWave Computer, Quantum Physics, Atlantis, Dolores Cannon, Second Planet, You Have To Be Over 51% Service To Others, In 'Journey of Souls' and Destiny Of Souls, hypnotherapist Michael Newton, Reality Shifts Book, Monthly News Letters, CIA/CERN?, Mandela Effect Happening For A Long Time, C3PO In Star Wars, Hopi Indian Predictions About A Planetary Reset, Things Changing On A Daily Basis, Placebo Tablets, Darren Brown, We Have The Ability to Heal Ourselves, No-Cebo The Dark Side, Looking Down The Rabbit Hole, chaos theory, New Science Coming Out, Russian Press Release.

Thomas WilliamsGuest - Thomas Williams - Sunday 10th July 2016 - The Truth, Honour and Integrity Show, Cannot release information otherwise someone might get killed, David Wilcock Did This And Someone Got Killed, Tried To Bring Down The Financial System, Loads Of Cabal Have Stepped Out, Things are changing – fluid belief required, Energy Changing, San Andreas Fault and Yellowstone, Dallas shooting, Dollar Collapse on the 27th of Sept???, UK Troops being sent to the Russian Borders, A large number of the alternative are either controlled opposition or are in it to just sell DVD’s/Books, People recycling the same old information over and over again on Youtube, ET's, Sasquatch, All Of Things Going On.

Raymond Whitehead & Jan Van De VenGuests - Raymond Whitehead & Jan Van De Ven - Sunday 3rd July 2016 - Direct Democracy Ireland, Direct Democracy Process, 1Yi, Reinstate 48, Direct Democracy Process Taken Out By The First Government, Eamon De Valera Took It Out In The Second Constitution, More And More People Waking Up To Direct Democracy, Used In Switzerland, DDI merged With National Citizens Movement, Referendum To Get DD Back In The Constitution, Sovereignty, BREXIT, Not Getting The Media Coverage, Articles 47/48 and 50, Corruption From The Very Early Days Of The State, Party Whip System, State Controls Referendum, Do It For Their Own Agenda, Propaganda In The Main Stream Media, Edited Out Parts In The Interview, Pot Hole Politicians.

PJ Armstrong - Anti-Eviction Task ForceGuest - PJ Armstrong - Anti-Eviction Task Force - Sunday 26th June 2016 - Anti-Eviction Task Force Setup to Help Stop Evictions, A Number Of Groups Around Ireland, Corofin Eviction, Killeshin Hotel Meeting Wih Ken Smollen, Invited To A Dail Meeting, PJ Felt Something Had To Be Done, Peaceful Resistance, Email Campaign, Banking Inquiry Required, 90,000 Emails Sent Out, Poor Support From Politicians, Politicians Signing The Eviction Bill, Pothole Politicians, They Feather Their Own Nest,  Integrity and Respect, Begging To Councillors And Politicians, People Power, The Celtic Tiger, People Being Affected Mentally, Relationships Breaking Down, Conflict Of Interest Regarding Repossessions In The Courts.

Gary HeseltineGuest - Gary Heseltine - Sunday 19th June 2016 - Gary Heseltine, Ex-Detective Constable, PRUFO Police Database, UFO Magazine, Cases Investigated And Evidence Reviewed, TR3B's, Increase In Sightings, Back Engineered Technology, Bigger Plan, People Being Acclimatised To UFO's And ET's For Disclosure, Dimensional Shift, Mandela Effect, Ralph Ring, MOD Closed Down Department, Movie Iron Sky and Jupiter Ascending, Media And Hollywood Being Used, Roswell Case, Technology Will Help Disclosure, People In Government and Military Wanted To Get The Information Out But Stopped, Hilary Clinton, Rockefeller Intuitive, What Was Hilary's Involvement, Mentioned On TV This November Maybe?, Obama Might Also Say Something.

Marc Stevens / Liam DeeganGuests - Marc Stevens / Liam Deegan - Sunday 12th June 2016 - Marc Stevens, No State Project, Jurisdiction, Unsigned Plea Of Guilty Letter, Citizenship, Right To Travel, Teaching People, Circular Logic, Lack Of Legal Knowledge, Assault With Deadly Intent, Contracts - Civil or Criminal, No Contract With Police, Say Nothing And Keep Saying, Keep Your Mouth Shut, My Cousin Vinny Example, Define What Citizenship Is, Government Are Men And Women Forcing Us To Pay Them, U.S. Supreme Court Case, Diplomat, Subject Matter Jurisdiction, Money Making Scam, If You Cannot Defend Yourself It's A Rigged Game, I'm Not Appearing I'm Here Under Threat, Abuse and Coercion,  Don't Challenge The Law Challenge The Facts.

Ken SmollenGuest - Ken Smollen - Irish Democractic Party - Sunday 5th June 2016 - Ken Is A Retired Member Of The Gardai, Helped To Setup The Irish Democratic Party, Membership Of The Party Has Grown To Over 1,000 Signed Up Members, NONE Of The Members Of The IDP Are Former Or Failed Politicians! Members Are Ordinary People, They Do Not Need Or Want High Profile Political Figures That Have Played Their Part In Our Country’s Downfall! The Attemped Eviction At Clare, Bilderberg Group, Evictions Taking Place All Over Ireland, Asset Grab, Vulture Funds, Participatory Democracy, Main Stream Media Are Compromised, There Is No Recovery, People Not Abe To Feed Themselves or Their Kids, TD's Doing Nothing, Name & Shame TD's, GRA Contacted.

Stephen ManningGuest - Stephen Manning - Sunday 29th May 2016 - Integrity Ireland, Challenging The Courts, Intimidation By The Gardai, Criminal Activity In Authority, Lawyers and Barristers Involved, Institutes Not To Be Trusted, Minister Of Justice, Gardai Malpractice, The System Does Not Allow For The Public To Get Justice, Educating People About The Law, Judges Doing Things Against The Rules, Double Standards, New System Found To Prosecute The system, Co. Clare Eviction, Judge Leaving The Court Room, Abandoned The Court, Unlawful, Citizen's Arrest, A Cesspit Of Corruption, Sue All Officials Who Are Wronging Us, People Are The Guardians Of The Constitution, Jurisdiction, Hypocrisy At The Highest Level.

Gordon James GiannintoGuest - Gordon James Gianninto - Sunday 22nd May 2016 - Attorney, Contractor And ET Contactee, Childhood UFO And ET Encounters, Saw His First UFO In 1964, Had His First Vision Of Pole Shift 1973, He Realized A Pole Shift Would Bring Open Contact With ETs, Planet X, Nibiru, CIA Psyop Our Real? Second Sun, Paul Cox Admitting The Second Sun, Welders 12 Gauge Glass To View The Sun, Nancy Lieder,, Pole Shift, CIA, Plane Crashes, Lightning, Tectonic Plates Moving, Back To The Future Movie, Elites Not Allowed To Leave The Planet, Underground Bases, Gravity Pushes It Does Not Pull, Solar Flares, Magnetism, Aurora's, Mercury Went Pasted The Sun, Binary System, Second Sun Burnt Out, Planet 9.

Thomas WilliamsGuest - Thomas Williams - Sunday 15th May 2016 - Part 2 With Thomas Williams From Cosmic Voice, Earth Is Expanding As Is The Human Consciousness, Some Earthquakes Are Not Natural, Sink Hole In The UK, Venezuela Going Through Major Issues, They Don't Rescue They just Rape the Country Of Their Assets, The Same With Other Countries,  Saudi Arabia Will Be Next, U.S. Preparing A Plan, Saudi's Did Not Do 9/11, Governments Have No Control, Don't Focus On Countries, 5 Factions, Royal Family Have Been Taken Out Of The Game, All Factions Have Been Lied To, Changing Sides And Stepping Out, Stop Competing Against Each Other, Stop Buying Into Consumerism, Stop Evictions, Vulture Funds, No Body Is Safe Of The Banks

Walter Graham / Brian McCarthyGuests - Walter Graham / Brian McCarthy (A.E.T.) - Sunday 8th May 2016 - Walter is a good friend of OYM Radio and has been on the show on number of occasions. He has done extensive research into the dangers of Wi Fi and wireless communication, vaccines and is a Public Relations Information Officer for the group known as Councils of Northern Ireland Against Fluoridation. Legal System, Fight Back, Smart Meters, Brian McCarthy Anti-Eviction Taskforce (AET), Limerick Courts Shutdown.

Peter Paget / Jasper HamptonGuests - Peter Paget / Jasper Hamption - Sunday 1st May 2016 - Peter Born In London, His Intelligence Was Noted At An Early Age, Advised The Cabinet Office Chief Scientific Advisor at the age of just seventeen years old, Peter was co-opted into the British Intelligence Community shortly after this, worked undercover, Book Release - The Life Of A Spook, Geoengineering, Disclosure, Working with Energy, Plant X, Weather Conditions, Gaia, Pole Shift, Propaganda, Controlled Media, Worked For The BBC, Stories Are Managed And Manufactered, Time Banking Systems Setup In Cork And Surrounding Locations, To Set One Up Go To, Batering System, Eveyone Has A Skill Or Something To Offer.

Garnet Schulhauser / Anthony PantallerescoGuests - Garnet Schulhauser / Anthony Pantalleresco - Sunday April 24th 2016 - Confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert (who was actually a wise spirit in disguise—an emissary from the spirit world), Chance encounter launched a provocative dialogue with Albert who disclosed startling new truths about cycle of reincarnation on Earth and the afterlife that awaits us all, Astral Travelling, Universe, Planets, Anthony Pantalleresco A Man Who Knows Some Stuff, Soya, Sodium BiCarb, Comfrey Cuttings, Natural Ways To Imprve Your Body, Researched Health, Agenda 21, Chemtrails, Ban On Herbs, Dangers Of Statins, The Herb Rosemary, The Benefits of Rosemary, Does Not Have To Be Organic, Method Of Extraction.

Vin PIR RadioGuest - Vin - PIR Radio - Sunday April 17th 2016 - 2016 Census, What People Are doing Regarding The Census, Some People Not Opening The Door As There Is No Law To Force You To Open Your Door, Some People Are Doing RTS (Return To Sender), Some People Are Filling Out All The Boxes As A Line Is Classed As "Information", Signed Uppercase Name (First Name Only), Some People Have Destroyed The Form, No Soeverign Seal On The Census, You Cannot Be Forced To Fill Out & Sign A Declaration, A Few Stories About Blue Flashing Lights People Thinking They Are Guards When They Are Not, No Such Thing As An Irish Company, No Obilgation To Parttake In The 2011 Census, You Cannot Create An Obligation For Someone Else.

Anthony Hughes / Richard Cumbers / Dermot MurphyGuests - Anthony Hughes & Richard Cumbers / Dermot Murphy - Sunday April 10th 2016 - Anthony Hughes, Biochemist, Removing People From Pharma Drugs, Herbicide Toxicity, Glyphosate (Monsanto), Generic Code, Neurotransmitters, DHFR, Lacking In Enzymes, Folic Acid, Nsno Particles, elastane in clothes, Bad For You, Use Kinesiology, Alkaline Diet, Epson Salts, GP's And Their Training, Big Pharma Train The GP's, Need To Find The Cause Not The Symptoms, Homeeopity, Doctors Losing Their License If Not Doing What They Should Be Doing, The Hub New Office In Mullingar, 723 Families Up For Eviction On Monday The 11th Of April, Asset Grab From The Banks, Farmers Committing Suicide, The Hub Van, Donations For The Hub, Go Fund Me Page, David - Sign Fit Ireland.

Corey GoodeGuest - Corey Goode - Sunday April 3rd 2016 - Curent Situation About Disclosure, Nibiru, The Cabal, Financial Systems, Nesra, A Lot Of Disinfo On The Net, Do Not Focus On Dates, Windows Of Opportunity, X-Files, People Waking Up Globally, Blue Avains, Big Brother Watching Him, Use Discernment, Paradigm Shift With Full Disclosure, Cabal In Complete Disarray, Last Attempted, A NUmber Of Things Being Stopped, Finanical Crash, Crash The Oil, Alliance Slowed Down The Freefall, Switch To A New Financial System, Backroom Deals Going On, One World Government, Cosmic Neighbourhood, Navy Part Of The Disclosure, New Whistleblowers Coming Forward, Change In Hollywood, Start Showing Movies and Doucmentaries About Roswell, UFO's, Waking People Up To The Truth, Sky TV, Planet 9.

Thomas WilliamsGuest - Thomas Williams - Sunday March 27th 2016 - Blog Talk Radio, Born In Liverpool, Moved To Florida, Got Involved In Blog Talk Radio, Helped Out Drake, Setup FB For Him, Went To Awake & Aware Conference, Fall Out In The Group, Nesra Monetary System, The Illuminati Are Gone, Broken Up Into 5 Factions, All Fighting Against One another, World War 3 Will Not Happen, Higher Powers Stopping Things From Happening, ET Experiences When He Was Younger, Knowledge At A Young Age, Alternative Movement In The States, Vulture Funds, Foreclosures, Planet X/Nibiru, Value Of The Child For The Trust Fund, Many People Behind The Scenes, Many Things Have Been Corrected, Committee Of 300 Gone, Countries Are Corporations, The Event.    

Katherine Albrecht / David NoakesGuests - Katherine Albrecht / David Noakes - Sunday March 20th 2016 - Smart Meters, Curing Cancer Naturally, GcMaf, Supermarket Loyalty Cards, The Dangers Of Soy, Smart Meters Coming Into Ireland in 2018 apparently, Can Be Hacked, Electric Smog, They Will Be Able To Control The Amount Of Energy That You Use, Control Your Appliances, Smart TV's, Watching And Listening, Book - Spy Chips, Brain Tumours, Cell Phone Location, Cancer Cell Like Glucose, 21 Doctors Killed Around The World Exposing GcMaf, Nagalace, Vaccines Have Nagalace Which Turns Off The Bodies Production Of GcMaf, GcMaf cures 50 Diseases, No Side effects, 40k For Chemo, GcMaf 450 Euros, Can be Taken 4 Ways, Nebuliser, Orally, Injection And suppositories, 120 Research Papers, Wikipedia GcMaf Information Taken Down, Persecuted By The British authorities, Harassed The Staff.

Tolec, Ray Kosulandich & Jim NicholsGuest - Tolec, Ray Kosulandich and Jim Nichols - Sunday March 13th 2016 - Tolec is a human representative of the Andromeda Council, Jim Nichols - After thirty years of UFO research, Jim has become a prolific writer, posting 21 BLOG essays on his web site, examining EXOPOLITICS--the political and social impact of a possible extra-terrestrial reality. Ray Kosulandich - Is a multigenerational ET contactee since 1959.Born in Croatia, Yugoslavia, Ray, his Grandfather & Father all had ET visits, Ray has met 32 species of star beings who all speak telepathically, and currently meets with four specific beings approximately every two months for messages and Earth updates that he calls his fab four, Planet X, TX68 Asteroid, Niribu, People being remove Off Planet In July/Septermber 2016, Prime directive, Universal Energy Shift, Star Seeds.

Dr Martin PallGuest - Dr Martin Pall - Sunday March 6th 2016 - Dr. Martin Pall, Ph.D., holds a BA degree in Physics, with honors, Phi Beta Kappa, at Johns Hopkins University, and earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Genetics at Cal Tech. He is Professor Emeritus of Washington State University, in Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences. He has received eight international awards for his work in environmental medicine and research into the impact of chemical exposure on human health. A published a paper in 2013 on the “mechanism of action” in EMF exposure, and how EMFs impact the cells of our body, Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), The World Health Organisation, Radiation Damage, Cancer.

Dermot Murphy & MartinaGuests - Dermot Murphy NLL & Martina The Hub - Sunday February 28th 2016 - The Irish Elections, Suicides (9000) Since The Bail-Out, The Hub And The National Land League Are A Group Of Volunteers, All The Courts Doing Evictions Around The Country Tomorrow, West Meath Land League, Mullingar, Defeat Your Home In Court, Help To Do An Affidavit, Do Not Open The Door If A Sheriff Calls, No Recovery, Things Are Getting Worse, People Feeling The Shame, Reckless Lending From The Banks, Banks Paid Commission To Push Credit & Loans, Odious Debt, Glass-Steagall Act, No Rent Controls, 8 Billion Every Month Being Paid By The Irish Government, Irish Election And Irish People Are Full Of Fear, RTE Propaganda, I'm Alright Jacks.

Sean MaguireGuest - Sean Maguire - Sunday February 21th 2016 - Steve Was Flying Solo As Alan Was Away On A Pain Genie Course With Richard Cumbers In Kerry, Guest Sean Maguire - People's Internet Radio, Vaccines In Chemtrails, Mik Could Not Come On Due To A Family Emergency, Flair For Poetry, Revolution Going On, Water Protect March In Dublin On Saturday, Heaven, The Our Father Pray, Religion, Elections, Main Stream Media Propaganda, Fluoride In The Water, Mind Control, Electric Car, Solar Panel Tiles Not Allowed To Import Them, Chat On The Chat Room, Vegetarian, T-Shirts, NWO Trying To Split Up The Families, Being An Individual, Dress The Way You Want.

Karen Quinn Tostado & Richard CranorGuests - Karen Quinn Tostado & Richard Cranor - Sunday February 14th 2016 - Karen Quinn Tostado, Activist,, Sherriff, Richard Cranor, Direct Democracy Process, Recall, Common Law, Article 48, Republic, Film Starleaf, He Played The Park Warden, United We Strike Radio Marathon on Saturday The 13th, Airlines Considering Checking People For Vaccines Before They Fly, Banking Crisis, Time Banking, Cliven Bundy, BLM, Profit Driven Society, Better Sanitation Practices, Zika Virus, Fiat Currency, Turn The Other Cheek, Manage Your Anger, Focus Your Anger, Disengage From The System, Self Sufficiency, Heal Yourself, American Blackout Documentary, EMP/CME's, Carrington Affect, 5Th Wave Movie, Hollywood, Disclosure, X-Files.

Pattie Brassard, Karen MacDonald, Daniel Brad MacBolenGuests - Pattie Brassard, Karen Macdonald, Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III - Sunday February 7th 2016 - Weather Conditions, Storms Nearly On A Weekly Basis, Geoforming With the Snow/Weather, PPAI, AI In Fluids, Chemtrails, Black Goo, Trans Humanism, Affecting Our DNA, Keshe Machine Is Using Scalar Technology Which Is Not Good, CERN, Smart Meters, No Billing, Privacy, Tin Foil Hat To Experiment, Surveillance, Cloning, Star Wars Fighting Between ET's, Artificial Storms To Hide The Star Wars taking Place, Not Really HAARP But Cloud Seeding, Planet 9, Earthquakes, Soul gate (The Sun), Multiply Planetoids, X-Files, Zika Virus, Light Refraction Technology To Hide Plant x/Nibiru, Can Reflect Radar Back, Brown Dwarf, 4 Times The Size Of Jupiter, Archons & Draco Not Allowed In, CME's, North Korean Satellites Launched, pathogenic Hive Ability.

Richard Cranor / Joe PuenteGuests - Richard Cranor / Joe Puente - Sunday January 31st 2016 - Richard Cranor Directed A Film Called "Star Leaf", Currently On ITunes, Amazon, Google Play, Starring Russell Hodgkinson Of The Hit SyFy zombie Show "ZNation", Receiving Rave Reviews, Fascinating And Original Take On The Paranormal Connections Between Cannabis, Extra-terrestrials, PTSD, and parallel universes. Joe Puente Has Been A Practicing Spiritualist Since An Early Age, His Intense Desire To Solve Some Basic Life’s Riddles Prompted Him To Study Various Belief Systems, As Well As Spiritual Practices, These Studies And Personal Practices Over Time Have Resulted In Firsthand Accounts Of A Very Mysterious World. His Accounts Are Written In A Book Titled, “Things Magical Once Hidden Revealed; My Personal Awakening of Magic, Mysticism, and Miracles, During A Time In Transition”.

Stephanie RelfeGuest - Stephanie Relfe - Sunday January 24th 2016 - Stephanie Relfe From Australia And Her Husband Michael Relfe From America, Original Mars Whistleblowers, Published Four Free Books Which Give Detailed Records How Stephanie Helped Michael To Recover Hidden Memories With A Biofeedback Meter, Without Hypnosis, Of Things That he did while in the U.S. Navy that he had no conscious memory of, including going to Mars for 20 years, killing people with remote viewing, being age recessed by 20 years, Time travelling back, and later Military and Alien Abductions. Stephanie is a trained Synergistic Kinesiologist and Clearing Practitioner, and through people contacting them through their websites, has gained access to a wide amount of unique paranormal knowledge. Stephanie teaches people how to use kinesiology to help them find out about their own health and well being, Stephanie Has Also Tested For Abductions.

Barbara SmythGuests - Barbara Smyth & Sinead Stewart - Sunday January 17th 2016 - Barbara Smyth Is Running As #Independent4change On The #right2change Platform In Longford/Westmeath In The Upcoming General Election. Barbara Is Not Just Against Water Charges And Austerity, She Has Viable Solutions And Real Ideas To Make Ireland A Better Place For Our Children To Enjoy. She Is A Community Activist, A Mother Of Three And A Small Business Owner Based In Longford And Standing Up For Her Communities, Sinead Stewart Is A Community Activist And Supports The #RightToChange Umbrella Group, Austerity In Longford, Evictions, Suicides, Dangers Of Flouride In Our Water, Medical Cannabis Oil, Dangers Of Wi Fi In Schools, Irish Water Protest Coming Up, Local Longford TD's Doing Nothing As Usual.

Alex CollierGuest - Alex Collier - Sunday January 10th 2016 - Andromedan Contactee, Had Face-To-Face Contacts With Blue-Skinned Human ETs From The Andromeda Constellation And The Andromeda Galaxy, Multiple Visits Aboard Their Tremendous Motherships, Telepathic Contact, Pleiadian ETs Appealed For Assistance In Dealing With A Dangerous, Malevolent ET Confederation Plaguing Humanity And Much Of The Galaxy, It Appears That The Alpha Draconan Reptilian ETs Have Been Manipulating Humanity Into A Nearly Invisible System Of Servitude For Aeons, Feeding Off Our labour And Our Bodies Through The Wars That They Instigate And The Hostile Belief Systems Which They Foster In The Form Of Religious And Social Instituions, His Life Has Also Been Threatened 9 Times, Planet X, Belief System, Archons, Suicide, Reincarnation, Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Store Up Food, Weather To Get Worse In March/April.

Marc StevensGuest - Marc Stevens - Sunday January 3rd 2016 - Marc Stevens Is An Author, Radio Show Host, Consultant and Voluntaryist, He Is Not A Lawyer Or Attorney, Not Trained In The Law Or Legal Profession, School Of Hard Knocks, Results From Having A Sharp Curiosity, Contradictions Render Most Of The Laws And The Legal System Invalid, The First Thing To Question Is Jurisdiction, The Judge Is A Second Prosecutor, Burden Of Proof, Legalise, Success In Multiply Countries With His Approach, Credit Cards, Tickets, Nothing Moves Until Jurisdiction Is Proven, Citizen and Sovereignty, Registration, Where Is The Social Contract, Cromwell, Violence Nullifies Everything, Government – Men and Women Forcing People To Do Things Against Their Will.

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