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Equipment Wishlist


Equipment Upgrades/Wishlist

Open Your Mind Radio has been running now for 6 years and with the help, support and donations from you the listener, we would not have the technology that we are using today. So first of all, we would like to thank everyone who have supported and donated over the last 5½ plus years. 

As time moves on and equipment gets used/broken/faulty etc, upgrades tend to be needed. We have two lists below.  The first list is for equipment that we need to get as part of our studio upgrade, and the second list is equipment that is on our "wish list" that we would love to get. We have put an explanation on each item as to why we need to get them and the benefit of having it. As they say, put it out to the universe and see what comes back! 

UPDATE: Thanks to our listeners, we have now managed to get all the equipment that we required on our first list.  It's now a case of being able to maintain the current equipment, replace any faulty equipment (should anything happen) and have the funds to hold free seminars and produce items like t-shirts and stickers etc as part of our aim to wake people up. 

A big "THANK YOU" to everyone who donated and who continues to donate OYM Radio.  Without your help, OYM would not be possible! :-)

1. In the past, we have held a number of free seminars to help educate people to different issues and new technology. The first seminarsseminar we did was with Walter Graham (The Dangers of Wi Fi). The Second seminar we did was with Richard Cumbers (The Pain Genie). We would like to be able to offer more of these free seminars and raise the funds to cover room hire costs and miscelleanous expenses.  We know people have very little money, so we prefer to offer these seminars for free to maximise the amount of people that can come along and be educated.

2. At Studio 1 we are prone to powerside 1 0006 10 09 14 4563 1000x600 outages and our power cabling at present looks more like spagetti junction! What we want to do is purchase a couple of these multisocket plug boards with built in surge protection to tidying up the cabling and to portect the equipment when the power comes back on after a power outage.


Nice To Have Wish List

1. We would love to be able to do more video interviews with some of the guests that we have on the show. We have done a few in the past (which you can see ongreenscreen our Youtube channel) and we would like to have the equipment and facilities to be able to do this. Green screens are very handy when you do not have access to a proper room to carry out interviews and are portable. We used one of these when we interviewed Ian R. Crane and projected our own screen in the background which is what they are ideal for.

2. To complement the Green Screen, we need a HD Video camera that has headphone and mic input jacks so we can have betterhdcamera2 quality audio.  The omni-directional mics and the cheaper video cameras are no good when you want to do a proper interview, especially when you want to interview more than one person. The headphone input also allows the person controlling the camera to monitor the audio.

A big "THANK YOU" to one of our long time listeners and a major supporter of OYM Radio, we now have the professional equipment required to start doing video interviews. 

3. We would love to have an Open Your Mind Van tovan be able to do more work outside of the studio and help out groups if required. We could also go mobile with OYM Radio and maybe setup in different locations like outside broadcasts, maybe at protests etc.

We what to be able to "up our game" and to provide a "BBC" quality radio show (although not the BBC content!) and with the improvements to the equipment over the years, we feel that we are achieving that gradually. It's now time to upgrade the equipment and hopefully provide better quality broadcasting to our listeners in Ireland and globally. With your help, we can do this.       

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