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The 300K Plan

So what is the 300K plan your asking? Well, we know that there are a large number of millionaires, billionaires and philanthropist’s out there that would have the funds to donate to a worthy cause but would not have the time to get involved on a day to day basis.  Well, here is our 300k plan for what we would like the universe to help us achieve.

It is very easy to look at the world and think that things are getting worse with all the negative news being shown on a daily basis.  Well the good news is that the world is changing for the better and people are becoming less “service to self” and more “service to others”.  Not only does the “service to others” mindset help people in a practical way, but it creates a high level of energy within yourself especially when you know that you are doing something to help your fellow human being without looking for a reward. Office Space

Intention is everything and if you’re doing something for selfless reasons with the right intention, this energy will come back to you in buckets!  Science has proven this in Newton’s Third Law - for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction and we are all energy.

So at Open Your Mind Radio, we are putting the request out to the universe for one of these people to help us achieve one of our goals - that is to help us setup a centre where we can offer groups like the National Land League, The Hubs etc and Alternative treatment therapist a location where they can book a room and work to help the general public with their financial worries, health and wellbeing.

Also, as part of this retail premises/building/house, we will setup a room where we can hold meetings/training sessions for everyone that requires training in legal issues or health awareness.

Organic GardenObviously a premise that is purchased rather than rented would be a much better option, but it would depend on the cost.  The more space we have, the more we can do. If we purchased a property, than we might be able to use garden space for growing our own organic vegetables which can be given to the volunteers in the groups or individuals that are giving their own time to help other people.

So universe, can you help us?

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